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Numerous construction projects are planned by various agencies that will potentially impact motorists using Pacific Coast Highway (PCH) between the McClure Tunnel in Santa Monica and the Ventura County line in Malibu.

PCH Partners consists of representatives from the City of Los Angeles, the City of Malibu, the City of Santa Monica, Caltrans, and the offices of Senator Henry Stern, Senator Ben Allen, and Assemblymember Richard Bloom. These agencies work together to ensure construction projects are coordinated to minimize traffic impacts on the PCH.


Receive announcements and information about PCH construction projects and safety tips through the PCH Partners' Facebook page and Twitter

Watch the PCH Taskforce's nationally recognized Public Service Announcement:


The purpose of this web site is to be the primary source for information and updates related to the planned projects. PCH Partners will be posting the latest project information, news, press releases, maps, schedules and contact information to inform the motoring public about the status of these important projects.

It is the goal of PCH Partners to develop coordinated, well-defined traffic management plans for all projects and to inform the surrounding communities about the status of construction, roadway closures and detours so the traffic impacts of construction projects are mitigated.

PCH Pedestrian Safety Project - The PCH Taskforce, a multi-agency group dedicated to improving safety on Pacific Coast Highway from Santa Monica to the Ventura County Line, received a safety corridor grant from the California Office of Traffic Safety (OTS) through the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) to promote motorist, pedestrian, and bicycle safety and to increase safety awareness along the PCH.  The PCH Taskforce retained California Walks to evaluate pedestrian safety conditions along the PCH corridor, to educate and engage community residents and affected stakeholders, and to develop community-driven, best practice recommendations to improve pedestrian safety along the corridor. The purpose of this Final Recommendations Report is to provide specific recommendations for treatments, projects and programs to improve and promote pedestrian safety on PCH for consideration by the Taskforce. California Walks also prepared an Existing Conditions Report (Appendix A) that informs this Final Recommendations Report.  Download a free copy of the report by clicking on the PCH Final Recommendations Report icon.


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