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April 2015 to
Spring 2016

California Incline Reconstruction:
City of Santa Monica

The City of Santa Monica is replacing the California Incline between PCH and Ocean Avenue.  A portion of the existing Incline is a concrete bridge structure that was built in 1939. The bridge is structurally deficient, does not meet current seismic standards and will be removed and replaced using federal and local funds.  Beginning April 20, 2015, the California Incline will close for construction.  Access to and from PCH will be directed to Moomat Ahiko Way (near McClure Tunnel/Ocean Avenue) while the California Incline is closed. Click here for more information.

Pier Bridge Replacement:
City of Santa Monica
In cooperation with Caltrans, the pier bridge will be replaced with a new multi-modal bridge to meet current seismic and Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) standards. Anticipated milestones include: EIR/EA completion - Fall 2016; Design completion - Fall 2018; & Construction period between 2019-2020. Click here for more information.

Colorado Esplanade (next to the Santa Monica Place Mall):
City of Santa Monica
Beginning March 26, 2015, the eastbound lanes on Colorado Ave between 4th St. and Ocean Ave will close permanently, leaving westbound traffic only. Ocean Ave and 4th St. will remain open to traffic. Drivers are asked to use Broadway and Olympic Blvd for eastbound trips.  All business will remain open during construction. Click here for more information.

PCH Safety Project Near Bel-Air Club:
PCH safety project near Bel-Air Bay Club, Pacific Palisades $10M shoulder widening and road improvements for safer bike travel along PCH, north of Temescal Canyon.  Improvements include an 8' shoulder, 11' lanes, new metal beam guard rails, and a new 150' retaining wall. Currently in 65% design. Project initiation documents are in development.

McClure Tunnel Improvement Project:
The project proposes to replace the upgrade existing fluorescent lights in the McClure Tunnel and paint the interior of the tunnel. It is also proposed to install a Queue Warning System for northbound traffic on Route 1/PCH. Queue warning system incorporates one cantilever overhead dynamic message sign (DMS) installed approximately 1,000 feet south of McClure Tunnel on the right side of the roadway to provide automated congestion warnings. The warning system is linked to four microwave vehicle detection sensors installed approximately 300 feet north of McClure Tunnel along the right side of the roadway. This project will be submitted for programming in the 2016 State Highway Operation Protection Program (SHOPP) under 201.170-Sign & Lighting Rehabilitation Program. The funding for this project is proposed for year 2018/2019. Project location on Route 1 PCH, County of Los Angeles, within the city of Santa Monica between Main St and the California Incline.

Palisades Bowl Pedestrain Crosswalk Improvement:
The purpose of this project is to provide pedestrians a more safe and certain way to cross Pacific Coast Highway (PCH) at this location. In the existing condition the pedestrians have to yield to traffic and find gaps in order to cross the highway. It is proposed to install a Pedestrian Hybrid Beacon (PHB). After the installation the vehicles will have to yield to the pedestrians and that makes for a safer crosswalk. The proposed PHB will operate on an on call basis, i.e. it will only be activated when it's needed. A Pedestrain Hybrid Beacon functions more like a signal except the beacon signal heads revert to dark when not in use. In addition to the PHB, it is also proposed to upgrade: ADA curb ramps, striping and signing. The funding for this project is proposed for year 2015/2016.  Project location on Route 1 PCH, County of Los Angeles, within the city of Los Angeles between Temescal Canyon Rd and Bay Club Drive, PM-38.4.

Mobile Home Park:
Planned installation of pedestrian activated signal lights north of Temescal Canyon.

Potrero Canyon Park Project:
City of Los Angeles, Department of Public Works
The park project is in the Final Design phase with 50% plans completed and distributed to stake holders for review.  Contruction is anticipated to begin in November 2014 and be completed in Summer of 2016.

PCH Safety Study (Safety Assessment):
City of Malibu

The City of Malibu, in collaboration with the Southern California Association of Governments, is currently conducting a safety study to examine current road conditions, determine accident patterns, assess traffic conflicts, and develop strategies to improve safety on PCH in Malibu. The study is anticipated to conclude in summer 2015 with a prioritized list of safety improvement recommendations for the Malibu PCH corridor for motorists, cyclists, transit riders, and pedestrians. Click here for more information on the status of the project.

PCH Bicycle Route Improvements:
City of Malibu

The Pacific Coast Highway Bike Route Improvements Project seeks to improve the existing bike route along Pacific Coast Highway (PCH) and promote safety for all modes of travel. The project limits are from the intersection of Busch Dr. to the western city limits, a distance of approximately seven miles. The project includes striping and signage upgrades throughout the entire seven miles, as well as shoulder and intersection improvements. It is anticipated that the project will be completed by May 2015. Click here for more information.

Lacosta Crosswalk Project:
City of Malibu
Planned crosswalk on PCH with pedestrian activated signal light.

Bus Stop Improvement Project (Measure R):
City of Malibu
The project includes improvements at 11 bus stops, 10 of which are located on PCH. The improvements consist mostly of constructing sidewalks, curb and gutter, curb ramps, asphalt concrete work, signage, traffic striping and relocating bus benches. These improvements will promote safety and accessibility for transit riders and improve traffic flow for all modes of travel. Construction on the project began in mid-March 2015 and is anticipated to be completed by Memorial Day 2015. Click here for more information on bus stop locations.


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